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Financial Wellness Coaching
Our goal is to ensure that we respond empathetically to your financial goals and needs. Coaching sessions are a safe and confidential space where you are free to open up and share as much or as little as you would like. Through our coaching sessions, seminars, and self paced courses we attempt to remove any embarrassment, fear, or shame you might feel and empower you to take charge of your finances. Learn to:


Budget &

Manage Debt

Build Credit


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Due to volume of request at this time we are unable to schedule additional consultations

We offer consultations. If you have questions about getting started with budgeting, saving, creating a debt management plan and credit building strategies as well as do it yourself credit repair.  We are here to help. We provide feedback on your personal financial situation and will help you determine next steps.

Before booking with us, please read and agree to our terms of service.

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Financial Literacy Course- Self Paced $197

Taught by our Founder & CEO, Afra Smith, you will learn to master your budget and start the process towards building generational wealth.  In this self paced course, you will learn how to develop a personalized budget, savings, and debt management plan.  In addition, you will learn credit building strategies.  A fillable budget spreadsheet is provided along with a course workbook. 


This course also infuses AODEC which is a behavioral approach to wealth building.  With AODEC, Afra proactively sounds the alarm on what you will encounter as you take the journey to become financially well.  In order to stay on the path to building generational wealth, AODEC is taught as a lifestyle approach, which is incorporated into this course.  It is the real money conversation that our community often avoids having.  The AODEC strategy is 80% of what you need to understand in order to master your budget and build generational wealth.

This course will leave you feeling confident and ready to take charge of your financial affairs.  

Before booking with us, please read and agree to our terms of service.


Personalized Coaching Sessions- $997

Prefer to work one on one with our Founder & CEO, Afra Smith.  Then this coaching package is for you. 


With this coaching package your debt management plan, budget and savings plan are built for you.  The coaching sessions also infuses AODEC.  You will also learn how to use and maintain your budget.  In addition, personalized credit building strategies as well as a do it yourself credit dispute coaching. We provide the fillable budget spreadsheets needed and Afra works closely with you for 30 days to ensure you are ready to master your budget.  


Payment Plans Available   

Before booking with us, please read and agree to our terms of service.

Flexible Payment Planning

Group Financial Seminars

The Melanin Project offers group seminars.  These seminars are conducted in a two to four session experience depending upon the seminar package you choose.  Choose your journey from the below:  

  • AODEC Foundation

  • Debt Management Planning

  • Budget Creation

  • Savings Planning

  • Your credit report and building credit

  • Our VIP package includes private one on one sessions for participants

The group seminars infuse our AODEC financial strategy into each and every session.  We provide all course material to include the fillable budget spreadsheets needed and work with participants to finalize their budget, savings plan and plan to work down debt.  

Please contact us to discuss your organizations needs.  Discounts available for select non-profits.

All group participants are required to sign our terms of service in order to participant

Disclaimer:  The information and material on this website is for general informational purposes only.  While we try to keep the information up to date and correct, The Melanin Project LLC makes no representations or warranties about the completeness, accuracy, availability, or suitability of the information for any purpose.  Any reliance you place on information on this  website is strictly at your own risk.

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