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"You can't heal what you aren't ready to be open about!"

Afra Smith

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Founder & CEO

Afra is a native of Madison, Wisconsin and was partially raised in

Mobile, Alabama.  She has dedicated her entire professional

career towards helping those in need.  Afra often speaks about

her previous struggle of being open with others about her poor

financial habits.  Embarrassment, shame, and fear, kept her from      

seeking the help she needed. 

What was once a personal struggle is now a passion and mission to help others.  Now she is spreading her tea to anyone who is open to listen.  Afra often speaks about the importance of acknowledging that you have poor financial habits and seeking help. The first step to healing from any disease like financially illiteracy is being open and honest.  Afra shares her lived experience of tackling over $30,000 in debt, to include car loans, pay day loans, credit card blemishes and a credit score in the mid 500's.  Through research and her personal financial wellness journey, Afra realized that many barriers and obstacles impact black women from creating generational wealth.  

As a financially well woman, she is not only spreading her knowledge and experience through financial wellness coaching, she is also sounding the alarm to Black America. By 2053, black people are expected to have a median wealth of zero. This is an epidemic and is also a contributing factor to the current and future public health crisis facing Black Americans. Afra is an advocate for programs and services that will help foster and support generational wealth for Black and African women. Black women are paving the way with the start of businesses, obtaining college education and supporting other family members who are living in poverty.  Afra recognizes that it is time for a new narrative and she is leading the charge by educating Black women and building a community of money queens.  

Afra is the creator of the AODEC financial strategy, which she uses to teach behavioral approaches for building wealth. Afra holds a Masters in Business Administration, Bachelors in Gerontology and is a graduate of ACRE  (Associates in Commercial Real Estate).  Afra is currently focused on real estate development and investment as a means to expand her wealth.  

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